Reduce your Risk with a different HR Service

As an employer you may feel that the employment laws are stacked against you.


At BusinessHR we are on your side and our goal is to minimise the risk you face from employment laws and free up your time to concentrate on your business.


So what is different about our service?  Quite simply the quality, which we achieve by: 


Recruiting only highly experienced HR professionals who combine a knowledge of the law with hands-on HR experience in a number of sectors.
Giving you direct contact with our advisors without going through junior staff or a call centre.


Not insisting you implement a binder of pre-set policies but by working with you to develop polices that suit the culture of your organisation.
Using innovative technology to provide you with exceptional value.
Finally, we are independent of any insurance company, which means our priority is solving your problem.
Our clients appreciate our friendly, helpful approach. Perhaps this is because our team do not work in a pressurised call centre and so can spend the necessary time to really understand your problem.

However, our service does not stop there.  We can help you with many other staffing challenges such as: setting fair pay scales, handling an acquisition and the TUPE regulations, training your managers, finding out your employees views or providing Outplacement support to employees who are made redundant. We even have a special service for employers in Northern Ireland.


As Chief Executive I can promise you a superior service, provided by experienced professionals which reduces your workload and minimises your risk, all of which enables you to spend more time concentrating on your business.
We look forward to living up to our promise.

Terry Edney BA(Hons) LLM FCIPD
Chief Executive

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