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Keeping updated on employment law, cases of note, changes in legally defined rates such as Maternity Pay, can be a challenge.  BusinessHR provides this and much more in its monthly newsletters which you can subscribe to for free.

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BusinessHR January 2013 Newsletter

Employment law update

        Changes to common statutory payments

        Pensions update - changes to automatic enrolment thresholds

        Redundancy - reduction in collective consultation period

        Employee-Shareholder Contracts

        Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

        Changes to the Equality Act 2010

Some interesting cases

        Equal pay:

        Discrimination - employee liability:

        Discrimination - religion:

        Dismissal - procedure when there is a breakdown in trust and confidence:

        Dismissal - redundancy following a period of short time working: Dutton v Jones t/a Llandow Metals

        Dismissal - long term sickness and PHI schemes:

        Dismissal - breach of health and safety:

        Tribunal claims - time deadlines:

        TUPE - ETO defence and compensation:

        Contracts - mistakes:

        Employment status - worker or not: UK Mail Ltd v Creasey

        Non-employees - discrimination protection does not extend to volunteers:

        Trade union rights - recruitment and blacklisting:

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And finally....

        Some interesting statistics

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BusinessHR December 2012 Newsletter

Employment law update

        Changes to immigration rules as from 13 December 2012

        From January 2013 - a new 'one-in, TWO-out' rule

        From March 2013 onwards - changes to maternity, adoption, paternity and flexible working

        Pensions auto-enrolment - update

        Changes to form P45 on the way

        New guidance on disclosure and barring

        EU proposes 40% female quota 'target'

        New employee ownership contracts?

        TUPE- new guidance on public sector transfers

Some interesting cases

        Working time - holidays:

        Absence and incremental pay increases:

        Discrimination - religious harassment:

        Discrimination - sexual orientation and comments on Facebook:

        Discrimination - disability and race discrimination:

        Discrimination - religion:

        Discrimination - age and compulsory retirement ages:

        Discrimination - disability:

        Discrimination - political affiliation:

        Discipline - right to legal representation:

        Discipline - previous warnings:

        Dismissal - length of continuous service for FTC:

        Dismissal - contract is in existence prior to starting work:

        Dismissal - redundancy:

        Tribunals - unless orders:

        TUPE - definition of short term duration and settlements:

        Restrictive covenants - non-solicitation:

        Disclosure of criminal convictions and cautions:

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And finally....

        A few interesting statistics

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BusinessHR October 2012 Newsletter

Employment law update

        Reminder re increase in the National Minimum Wage

        Revised HMRC advisory fuel rates for company vehicles

        No increase to jury service rates

        More on pensions and auto-enrolment

        Final date for retirement under the default retirement age

        Changes in Northern Ireland - arbitration alternative to tribunals

        Further reforms ahead?

        Imposed diversity at board level?

        Apprenticeships grants to be more widely available

        Agency workers one year on

        Some interesting cases

        Dismissal - misconduct: Nejjary v Aramark Ltd

        Dismissal - breach of trust and confidence: Governing Body of Tubbenden Primary School v Sylvester

        Dismissal - constructive dismissal and reasons for resignation: Logan v Celyn House Limited

        TUPE: harmonising terms and conditions: Manchester College v Hazel & Huggins

        Employment status - LLP members: Bates van Winkelhof v Clyde & Co LLP

        Tribunal claims - continuity of employment: Holt v EB Security Ltd

        Tribunals - calling additional witnesses: North Bristol NHS Trust v Harrold

        Tribunals - expert witnesses and procedure: GCHQ v Bacchus

        Tribunal awards: Local Government Yorkshire and Humber v Shah

Health and safety news

        Reduction in health and safety inspections - but charges for those in breach

        More on stress

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And finally....

        The usual round up of statistics

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